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      Merge branch 'bsd_env_ver_h_fix' into 'master' · 6cece39b
      Eric Swenson authored
      A quick fix for non-POSIX BSD behavior when calling recursive make.
      See merge request dps8m/dps8m!34
    • Jeffrey H. Johnson's avatar
    • Jeffrey H. Johnson's avatar
      A quick fix for non-POSIX BSD behavior when calling recursive make. · 704c64ba
      Jeffrey H. Johnson authored
       * Seems to affect FreeBSD 13.0-RELEASE but not 13.0-RELEASE-p3
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      Merge branch 'better_version_info' into 'master' · 82b48e82
      Eric Swenson authored
      Consistent simulator versioning and build information
      Closes #30 and #35
      See merge request dps8m/dps8m!25
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      better_version_info ... · 12e4ff2b
      Jeffrey H. Johnson authored
      * Updates to build:
        * Default build is now LOCKLESS
        * Update GNUmakefile: Document the USE_BUILDER option
        * Clean .builder.txt in the "clean" target
        * Update src/Makefile.mk: Add `-fno-strict-aliasing` to default CFLAGS
          * Works for both GCC and Clang
          * Required for libuv on some GCC versions
        * Fix dist target to not create tarbombs: document GNU tar requirement
        * Pass current date and time as string throughout the build
        * When using GCC, use -fno-delete-null-pointer-checks by default to work around a GCC bug.
        * Change build behavior: Actually check LOADER flag but force it on unconditionally
        * Adds support for SunOS 5.10 and 5.11
        * Don't package lgtm.yml configuration in make dist
        * Use the compiler frontend to call the linker in most cases
          * Untested support for IBM XLC toolchain
          * Untested support for MIPS64 MIPSpro
          * Support for Intel ICC toolchian
          * Support for Intel oneAPI DPC/DPC++ toolchain
          * Support for AMD AOCC toolchain
          * Support PCC 1.1+ toolchain
          * Automatic checks for compiler/linker with fallback order: clang -> gcc -> cc -> pcc
        * NEED_128 for SunOS SPARC
        * Ignore that there is no FIONBIO on SunOS
        * Fix threading for SunOS and build LOCKLESS
        * Detect SunOS native address space bits w/isainfo if available
          * Fallback to 64-bit build if isainfo fails - 32-bit SunOS 5.11 deprecated
        * SunOS: Need to include strings.h for bzero()
      * Updates to make_ver.sh:
        * Merge new reduction-based ruleset
        * Normalize formatting and consistent use of fallbacks
          * Use the 20200101 fallback date
          * Standardize fallback text string as "Unknown"
        * Fix to workaround a bugs present in older dash shell (that aren't in ash or newer dash)
        * Support automatic configuration for Oracle Solaris, OpenIndiana illumos
          * Use the XPG4/XPG6 PATH as reported by getconf PATH on SunOS to use P1003.1 tools
      * PROM (format 1 as per #35)
        * Automatic heuristics based on captured data
        * Set PROM ship date
        * Populate PROM
          * Use build-time target OS and arch w/prep-time fallback
        * Add "SHOW PROM" which shows PROM initialization data
      * Updates to SHOW VERSION:
        * Clarify SIMH relationship
        * Use "Modified" vs. "Released" for non-releases in SHOW VERSION
        * Remove trailing newlines from SHOW VERSION output
        * Show git commit hash in startup herald as well as SHOW VERSION
        * Normalize SHOW VERSION with startup herlad, use common Makefile for vars
        * Startup herald and SHOW VERSION use same layout and info
          * Normalize terminology "Commit" vs. "Git hash".
        * Move hash to new line to avoid wrapping
          * Resolves @eswenson1's feedback (note #622102016) on !25
        * Show SIMH version with canonical leading "V"
      * General documentation
        * Add Codacy S/A scan badge
        * Update Make flag descriptions
        * Update LICENSE.md for CC-BY-3.0 / blinkenLightsPi w/ attribution
          * Fixes all license compliance warnings
        * Normalize all headers and docs after initial FOSSA/Fossology audit
      * Capture preprocessor definitions from source and environment to useddef.txt
        * Add useddef.txt target to 'all' target
        * Call the preprocessor via the compiler front-end and not directly (as CPPCPP)
      * CI/CD
        * Failure to set custom builder string now non-fatal
      * Portability
        * Various static analysis linter hints w/no functional changes
        * Clean-up trailing whitespace to allow for better analysis matching
        * Clean up a few implicit conversions that now cause issues with new Clang
        * Move the (buggy, broken) speed throttling behind the SIMH_THROTTLE ifdef.
          * It's fixed in SIMH V4 sometime in a 2017 commit upstream, and likely is
            easily fixed, but the exact commit wasn't noted so it is not immediately
            apparent when and where it was fixed (only an issue noting it was not
            working, and then the reporter noting that it later was fixed.)
            * Note: This isn't related to IDLE, which is the CPU idle detection.
        * Fix support for Cygwin build under Windows 10 with GCC and Clang supported.
          * Cygwin64 builds (using CYGWIN1.DLL) are supported with CygUV; install
            the libuv packages from the Cygwin setup program - mixing MSYS or MGW
            libuv packages may work but presents complex dependencies.  For the
            best (and predictable results), you should not mix objects between
            environments (MSYS2, UWIN, MSVC, MGW32/64, Cygwin32/64, etc.) or
            between different toolchains.
            * Cygwin32 is untested and likely would need some changes to build.
          * Using Cygwin64 as a host to "cross-compile" a non-Cygwin binary
            build using the MINGW64 tools is possible: set CYGWIN_MINGW_CROSS=1,
            CROSS=MINGW64, and, depending on your environment and workstation
            configuraiton, set the CC and LD variables to your MW64 crosstools,
            executable from within the Cygwin environment. Please note that
            this type of cross-environment build has not been yet fully tested.
      * Add intial MINGW64 cross-build native w/LOCKLESS support from MINGW64 GCC 10.x+ hosts
        * Using MGW64 winpthread and libuv.
        * Builds using GCC SSP (libssp) on modern Red Hat MINGW toolchains.
        * MINGW32 (32-bit) is not supported.
          * Needs more testing in new LOCKLESS configuration.
      * Closes #35 and #30
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